More than one hundred years after the first professional recordings of tango, the bandoneón still did not have its own collection of recordings

The few solo recordings that exist of this instrument do not form a representative catalog of its long tradition, with the art of extraordinary musicians like Julio Ahumada, Máximo Mori, Armando Blasco, Omar Luppi, or Minotto Di Cicco having been lost to time and oblivion.

We have long enjoyed the beauty and technical prowess of performers who never made a solo recording.

This series proposes to create a musical memory, a unique register of the most outstanding contemporary bandoneon players with the intimacy of solo recordings of their instrument.

» The art of bandoneon
» Instantáneas - Julio Pane
» Tiempo esperado - Néstor Marconi
» Mi fueye querido - Leopoldo Federico
» Mi refugio - Walter Ríos
» The Art of the Tango Orchestra
» TangoVia Productions
» Recommended Recordings
» Bandoneón ecléctico - Víctor Hugo Villena
» Acontece - Ramiro Boero
» Press