The richness of the language of instrumental tango finds its maximum expression in the tango orchestra.

It was musicians like Horacio Salgán, Astor Piazzolla, Aníbal Troilo and Osvaldo Pugliese who developed new musical possibilities for the genre through their orchestras.

Having disappeared as a financially sustainable institution, the tango orchestra stopped being a real outlet for expression and experimentation for composers and arrangers from the 1960s onwards, with a few exceptions, thus impeding the evolution of its language.

For that reason today, through this series, we hope to stimulate the creation of original work for the tango orchestra, with the desire that its language not be lost, and that new creators may have the opportunity of shaping their musical and stylistic ideas through the unique sound of the “típica.”

» The art of bandoneon
» Instantáneas - Julio Pane
» Tiempo esperado - Néstor Marconi
» Mi fueye querido - Leopoldo Federico
» Mi refugio - Walter Ríos
» The Art of the Tango Orchestra
» Amanecer ciudadano
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» Recommended Recordings
» Bandoneón ecléctico - Víctor Hugo Villena
» Acontece - Ramiro Boero
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