"Tangos of the Bicentennial"
Concert Season
Produced by C.C.G. San Martin
Artistic production: TangoVia Buenos Aires
Complejo Cultural 25 de Mayo, Avenida Triunvirato 4444, Villa Urquiza. Wednesdays from April to December, 2010


In the year of the Bicentennial, the tango as a celebration, reflection and reconstruction of our identity. A concert season in which the aesthetic and formal diversity of the universe of tango challenges us to rediscover its beauty, sophistication and originality. Tradition and experimentation in tango in special concerts, stage premieres, film, seminars and milongas.

Division within the Concert Season:

Mentors Program: groups of recent graduates form the Emilio Balcarce Tango Orchestra School are guided and advised by tango maestros over various months of work. At the end of this learning process, the artists share the results of the experience with the public, in the context of the concerts of the Emilio Balcarce Tango Orchestra School.

“Mucho Maestro!”: series of tributes to distinguished personalities on the genre in the context of the performances by the Emilio Balcarce Tango Orchestra School.

New Discography: showcasing the growing discography of contemporary tango. After each concert, Germán Marcos and Maximiliano Sewkin of Fractura Expuesta will conduct a discussion open to the public.

Le Grand Tango:
Tradition-Transformation-Transfiguration: one grand tango orchestra functioning as a tool in the hands of three resident composers—Andrés Linetzky, Carlos Corrales, and Diego Schissi—who present their own visions of the genre. Three aesthetic proposals that coexist in the same concert and show us the beauty and value of diversity, without implying contradiction. An experience that forces us to rethink the concept of tradition, its constant transformation and its possible transfiguration. This project is part of the post-graduate activities of the Emilio Balcarce Tango Orchestra School. With the participation of Guillermo Rubino on violin.

Multimilonga: an extraordinary encounter in which three milongas occur simultaneously, using the foyer of the theater, the stage and the salon upstairs.  One dancefloor dedicated to “golden age” tango, another to contemporary artists and the third to electronic tango, all with dance exhibitions. Each dancefloor is curated by a well-known milonga of that aesthetic. Three dancefloors, three DJs and three dance performances during this three hour multimilonga. We invite you to circulate around the theater, “milonguear” and enjoy yourselves.

Tango and Identity: series of talks led by important Argentine intellectuals, oriented toward the exploration of the strong link between tango and Argentine cultural identity.

Panorama: a series of concerts with artists of tango´s new generation, accompanying the rich and diverse production of contemporary artists.  After each concert, Germán Marcos and Maximiliano Sewkin of Fractura Expuesta will conduct a discussion open to the public.

New Dance on Stage: premieres, pre-premieries and works in progress of dancer performances that have tango as their focus. In collaboration with the Cambalache Festival.

Tango Orchestra of the City of Buenos Aires: celebrating its 30th anniversary, the orchestra continues its extraordinary work promoting tango in the neighborhoods of Buenos Aires. Featuring the most distinguished soloists of the genre and masterfully conducted by Raúl Garello, Néstor Marconi and Juan Carlos Cuacci, the orchestra receives different guest maestros for each concert, and features singer Marcelo Tomassi.

Día D (“Day Of”): special concerts recognizing the great Carlos Gardel in June, the Day of the Bandoneon in July and the Day of Tango in December.

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