As an extension of the academic program of the Emilio Balcarce Tango Orchestra School, TangoVia Buenos Aires offers a variety of educational activities. For more information, please write us at

Master Classes:  offered in a friendly format which permits us to interact with the presenting Master, these classes have very diverse thematic axes. While the principal subjects are oriented towards musicians, dancers as well as the general public will find an important source of information in these talks. The possibility of conversing with tango’s true protagonists, both of yesterday and today, is an opportunity not to be missed. Among others, this year we offer the following classes:

-“The Art of Alfredo Gobbi”: an analysis of this orchestra’s style.  A class taught by the bandoneonist Carlos Pazo, member of that legendary orchestra, a favorite among musicians. Toward the end we will have a question and answer session with Maestro Pazo, one of the most endearing personalities in the tango family.

-“The piano and its role in the tango orchestra”: a stroll through the fundamental elements that make up the piano’s language in tango and its job as the orchestral “engine.”  A class given by the extraordinary pianist José Colángelo, without a doubt one of the true experts on this subject. Toward the end, there will be a question and answer session.

-“How to play the style of Juan D’Arienzo”: a detailed look at this orchestra’s incredibly particular way of playing. Each staccato, each accent, each interpretative secret of this orchestra will be revealed by the Masters Ernesto Franco and Celso Amato, two of the most emblematic bandoneonists in the style of the popular “King of Rhythm.”

-“La Bordona”: history, analysis and anecdotes about one of the fundamental tangos of the 1950s, a tango that would change the history of the genre. In addition, we will review the discography of the Maestro Emilio Balcarce, followed by a charming and deep conversation with this legendary composer and arranger.

 -“The bandoneon as a soloist instrument”:  A true master class for bandoneonists given by the prestigious master Juan José Mosalini. This interactive encounter will be the opportunity to discover a wide range of technical and interpretative resources that establish the bandoneon as a soloist instrument beyond its normal function in the context of orquestas or smaller groups.

-“The tango violin”:  a journey back in time in which we can appreciate the different techniques, styles and aesthetics of the instrument in the different periods of the history of tango. A class not to be missed with the great violinist Miguel Angel Bertero.  From the “Guardia Vieja” (Old Guard) and the style of Tito Roccatagliata to the virtuosity of Raúl Kaplún and the unmistakable style of Enrique Mario Francini.

-“Salgán-De Lío Deciphered”: more than 50 years since its creation, the musical formula developed by the duo made up by the legendary pianist Horacio Salgán and the guitarist Ubaldo De Lío continues to be in many ways a mystery.  This class, given by César Salgán and Esteban Falabella, will take us closer to the extraordinary music of this mythic duo by analyzing some of their most famous arrangements. This will give us the opportunity to examine closely the musical and stylistic elements of the most famous duo in tango, decipher the alternation of roles and understand its intricate musical conception.

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