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"What constitutes tango?": this interesting and fun program proposes a journey through the history of tango and an analysis of its musical, formal and stylistic elements. Performed by the El Arranque Orchestra. This didactic concert presents the complex musical framework of the genre detailing its musical elements, explaining the role of its instruments, and providing specific examples of different formats and styles, always in clear language apt for the general public. This unusual format helps us understand the tango and its history, stimulates us to listen with greater attention and entertains us in a format suitable for the whole family.

"From Bach to Piazzolla: a history of the bandoneon": With the great bandoneonist Julio Pane, we will dive into the incredible history of this intricate and marvellous instrument. This trip through time will carry us closer to the mechanical, musical and metaphysical mysteries of the instrument, nearly inexplicable. With a journey through the most important bandoneon styles and distinct repertories throughout its history, we can enjoy and have a more intimate experience of the bandoneon with one of its very best musicians.

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