We at TangoVia are convinced that the key to a better understanding of the genre is located in one fundamental point:  information.  If one wants to approach an artistic discipline and be able to appreciate it fully, it is important to have good and varied information. We cannot fully enjoy something we don’t understand. For this reason, our work in cultural promotion rests on compiling, preserving, organizing and sharing all the information we can possibly gather.   Recordings, sheet music, photos, magazines, books and audiovisual material together constitute an extraordinary asset which we should protect and share. Similarly –and especially because of our experience over the past ten years with the Emilio Balcarce Tango Orchestra School- we understand that oral transmission is also an irreplaceable tool.  For this reason, our educational activities alternate in format between both the written word and also direct transmission by the genre’s most important protagonists and investigators.

The opportunity to have exposure to all this valuable information helps us draw nearer to tango from various points of view. Through a rich multidisciplinary framework, our educational projects focus on the history, the present, and the future of tango.

To preserve information is our mission, to share it is our passion.

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