Buenos Aires Tango in Rome (September 2009)
This festival was held in the "Auditorium Parco Della Musica" in Rome. Participants included the TangoVia Buenos Aires Orchestra directed by César Salgán, Marcelo Tomassi, Adriana Varela, Dúo Aníbal Arias-Osvaldo Montes, Brian Chambouleyron, César Angeleri, Pablo Mainetti, Cuarteto Decarísimo, Dúo César Salgán - Esteban Falabella, Dolores Solá, La Chicana, Javier Calamaro, Quinteto Ventarrón and the dancers Gastón Torelli and Moira Castellano, Martín Borteiro and Regina Chiappara, Bruno Tombari and Mariángeles Caamaño, Carlos and Rosa Pérez, the brothers Macana, and Gloria and Eduardo Arquimbau.

Buenos Aires Tango in Paris IV (Junio 2008)
Again, this festival was held in the National Theater Palais Chaillot of Paris, France. Participants included the dance company "No Bailarás" directed by Silvana Grill with the Ramiro Gallo Quintet, the Emilio Balcarce Tango Orchestra School directed by Néstor Marconi, and featuring guest artist Juan Carlos Godoy, the duo César Salgán- Esteban Falabella, Dúo Aníbal Arias-Osvaldo Montes and the dancers Sebastián Arce and Mariana Montes, Esteban Moreno and Claudia Códega, Celine Ruiz and Damián Rosenthal, Carlos and Rosa Pérez, and Gloria and Eduardo Arquimbau.

Buenos Aires Tango in Paris III (June 2006)

The third festival was held with great success in the National Theater Palais Chaillot in Paris, France, winning both critical and public acclaim as it had in previous years. Participants included Adriana Varela, El Arranque Orchestra, Julio Pane, Raúl Garello, Mauricio Marcelli, Néstor Marconi and Vale Tango, among others.

TangoVia Buenos Aires in Geneva and Lille 2004
A special project related to the grandchildren of immigration in Argentina was part of the activities celebrating "Geneva and Lille, European Capitals 2004." A portion of the music presented was included in the CD "Maestros" recorded by the El Arranque Orchestra with special guests maestros Pane, Garello, Marconi and Marcelli.

Tango Week in Buenos Aires 2004
A special collaboration between TangoVia Buenos Aires, the Ministry of Culture of the City of Buenos Aires, and the Coliseum Foundation produced seven concerts in the Coliseo Theater in December of 2004. The concert series was developed with the project called "Tango of the Immigrants." The Tango Orchestra of Buenos Aires performed with the Ballet School of Argentine Tango in an homage to Julián Plaza. Other musicians included the Nicolás Ledesma Quartet, Gustavo Beytelmann, the Ventarrón Quintet, the El Arranque Orchestra, and the Emilio Balcarce Tango Orchestra School. All concerts were aired live on the Radio station "2 x 4" for thousands of listeners.

Buenos Aires Tango in Paris II (June 2003)
The festival took place in the National Theater Palais Chaillot in Paris, France. More than fifty artists participated including Miguel Angel Zotto, Julio Pane, Emilio Balcarce, Rubén Juarez, Víctor Lavallén, Guillermo Fernández, Juan José Mosalini, Adriana Varela and the Grand TangoVia Buenos Aires Orchestra. The eleven sold-out shows had an enormously positive reception with the French press.

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