This CD is a portrait of Julio Oscar Pane, a glimpse of his world and his incredible capacity for improvisation.

It is an attempt to capture something of the brilliant spontaneity that characterizes Pane and his musical universe in 14 musical moments and 1000 images.

Capable of reinventing tango time and again, the intimacy of his bandoneón is nothing other than a bridge to the whole history of tango.  That is his implicit content.  For that the 1000 Polaroids are a form of observing the complexity, the immensity, and the beauty of the ephemeral, the unique and unrepeatable.

The first 1000 copes of this special edition of “Instantáneas” includes an original polaroid; no additional copies of the photos exist, and the complete series can only be seen by clicking on 1000 Polaroids.”

The photos were taken on a “One 600” model Polaroid camera by Ignacio Varchausky.  Additional photos were taken by Graciela Schuster, Guillermo Monteleone, Sarah Beltran, Javier Cosentino, Yoyo Pane, Julio Pane, Jr., and occasional anonymous photographers.  To see a sample selection of the 1000 Polaroids, click here.

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