President and Artistic Director
Ignacio Varchausky

Andrés Linetzky
Musician, pianist, and director of Vale Tango.  He studied with Horacio Salgán.  He has conducted multiple international tours and directs his own dance company.

Santiago Rosso
Cultural producer and psychologist.  He is the program coordinator of Temporada Alegretto and organizes concerts of Italian music for the program “Latina” in Sudamérica.

Diego Schissi
Musician, pianist, and composer.  He is an expert copyist, very well known among musicians of different genres.  He also works as a professor of harmony and improvisation.

Martín Vazquez
Musician, guitarrist, arranger, composer.  Member of “El Arranque Orchestra” and the Ramiro Gallo Quintet

Andrés Casak
Journalist.  He is a contributor to national newspapers and specialized magazines.  He curated the collection “La Resistencia del Tango” for Sony BMG with Mariano Del Mazo.

Gustavo Margulies
Musician and producer.  He is the creator of the “Guitars of the World” collection of recordings and currently serves as the director of the company EPSA Publishing.

Viviana Blanco – Coordinator of the Tango Digital Archive
Coordinator of this proyect and responsible for the administration of TangoVia Buenos Aires, both legal and financial.

Ana Di Toro – Coordinator of the “Emilio Balcarce” Tango Orchestra School (Orquesta Escuela)
Coordinator of the Orquesta Escuela, she is responsible for all aspects of this project.

Fernando Vicente - Collector and Researcher
Graduated from the Manuel de Falla Municipal Conservatory with a degree in Voice (Músico Técnico en Canto).  Editor and sound producer specializing in the restoration of antique audio. Researcher and collector of Argentine tango, specializing in the life and work of Aníbal Troilo.  In the Tango Digital Archive Project, he works as the intermediary with the collectors, compiles the project’s materials, and curates the digitalization and restoration of materials.

Fabio Cernuda - Collector and Researcher

Martín Borteiro – Collaborator
A tango dancer and producer, he founded the well-known milonga “La Morocha” in Montevideo, Uruguay.  He has produced ten TV episodes about the history of tango and Carlos Gardel.

Regina Chiappara – Collaborator
A tango dancer and producer, she co-founded the Montevideo milonga “La Morocha” with Martín Borteiro.

Caroline W. Neal - Collaborator
Filmmaker.  She is the director and screenwriter (along with Alberto Muñoz) of the film “Si Sos Brujo: Una Historia del Tango.”