That Néstor Marconi is one of the most personal and virtuosic bandoneon players of all time is well known.  His absolute technical mastery is compared with the most renowned concert soloists, and that his chosen music is tango is a source of pride for us all.  Nevertheless, few know that he studied the bandoneon without a teacher.  As a child, he had studied the piano, but his father, a fan of the bandoneon, bought him one.  Marconi grew to love the bandoneon and studied it alone.
Thinking of his students and his restless new colleagues, Marconi began writing, little by little, “Tiempo Esperado” with the intention to create a different repertory for bandoneon solo.

  Today these arrangements are part of the fundamental literature of the bandoneon.  Colleagues and students from all over the world study profoundly the complexity and beauty of this work, which challenges the limits of the instrument.  Here, with the CD—for the first time—the definitive recording.  All the material is extremely complex technically, but it seems easy and sparkles in Marconi’s masterful hands.  “Tiempo Esperado” is an extraordinary CD, full of very good music, and at the same time, a fundamental pedagogical work.

Ignacio Varchausky, June, 2008, Artistic Producer of the CD

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