In order to achieve the mission of the organization, TangoVia Buenos Aires conducts a variety of activities that fall within four large categories:

  1. the training of musicians and the general public in the language of tango,
  2. the preservation of our musical heritage,
  3. the production of tango events,
  4. and the diffusion and study of the culture and history of tango.

Global Objectives

  1. To establish programs oriented towards the community and to create an environment that encourages interaction beyond social condition, race, religion and nationality.
  2. To achieve a strong synergy among all the participants in the project, from the directorate to each of the artists and educators, in which the love of tango as an art form creates a common meeting place.
  3. To share the presentations and educational events around the world through different types of communication media; recordings, videos, books, web pages, etc.
  4. To be a participant in the revitalization of Argentine culture, and to be a force that represents all those who understand that culture is identity.

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