"Si sos brujo: una historia de tango"

From the very beginnings of the “Emilio Balcarce” Tango Orchestra School (Orquesta Escuela), the U.S. film director Caroline Neal was present recording the conception and foundation of what was originally just the dream of Ignacio Varchausky, the double bass player and artistic director of TangoVia.

The rehearsals, the first performance in a small neighborhood tango club, the international debut in Paris, and the triumphant night in the Colón Theater are all integral chapters in this story. 

The film creates a portrait of oral transmission from one generation to another, between Emilio Balcarce and the young students, in a magical journey through the tango tradition. 

The film is available in DVD through Transeuropa Video, Amazon, and Netflix.  It is subtitled in Spanish, English, French and Italian.  The DVD has both stereo and Dolby 5.0 surround sound and many extras.

30 second Trailer of the movie:

The film has been shown in over 20 festivals worldwide including the following::

The International Festival of New Latin American Cine, Havana, Cuba

The San Francisco Latin Film Festival, USA

The 18th Latin American Film Festival in Toulouse, France

The 29th Goteborg Film Festival, Sweden

The 23rd Miami International Film Festival, Florida

2nd Exhibition of Argentina Film, San Pablo, Brazil

9th Cine Las Americas International Film Festival, Austin Texas, USA

La Sudestada Festival 2006, Paris France

The Los Angeles International Latin Film Festival

Woodstock Film Festival, New York

The documentary includes an interview with the world-renowned jazz musician and composer Wynton Marsalis, Artistic Director of Jazz at Lincoln Center, in which he expresses support for the school project. “Si Sos Brujo: A Tango Story” is a Co-Production of TangoVia Buenos Aires, Zona Audiovisual, and the Ministry of Culture of the Buenos Aires City Government.

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