During all of 2008, TangoVia Buenos Aires dedicated its best resources to celebrate the art and life of the great maestro Horacio Salgán.  During the year, we produced an important series of special activities centered on the work of this beloved musician.

As early as December, 2007, we recorded a series of video interviews with Don Horacio, about his music, his orchestra and his interpretive style.  With the invaluable help of his son César Salgán—and with a contractual agreement—we began to compile and digitize an important series of original arrangements from the personal archives of the composer.

In June of 2008, the fourth “Festival Buenos Aires Tango” was held in the National Theater Palais Chaillot in Paris. We invited César to perform with guitarist Esteban Falabella; their duo recreates with impressive detail the memorable duo Salgán-De Lío.  They played three concerts to a full house with enormous positive response by the French press.  In August, the “Gran TangoVia Buenos Aires Orchestra” (Grand TangoVia Buenos Aires Orchestra) directed by César Salgán began rehearsing Horacio Salgan’s beautiful and complex repertory for orchestra.  The orchestra performed two concerts in the auditorium of the National Library, presenting a series of unknown works and arrangements by the brilliant musician.  Along with the orchestra, the pianist—and chosen disciple of Horacio—Andrés Linetsky participated in the concerts playing a selection of compositions for solo piano, many of them never before recorded.
The same orchestra traveled in September to Rome to participate in the second “Festival Buenos Aires Tango in Rome,” playing a series of concerts in the prestigious Auditórium Parco Della Musica. It was the first time the Italian public was able to hear live those legendary orchestral arrangements by Salgán.  As in Paris, the concerts achieved both popular and critical acclaim.

Back in Buenos Aires, we began preparing the presentation of the CD “Raras partituras 4: Horacio Salgán,” recorded during the concerts at the National Library and produced by Epsa Music.  While we sound-mixed the CD and prepared for its premiere concert, we also dove into the production of the book “Arreglos para Orquesta Típica: Tradición e Innovación en manuscritos originales” (Arrangements for Tango Orchestra: Tradition and Innovation in Original Manuscripts).  This extraordinary project, co-produced and co-published by TangoVia and the National Library, presents eight original arrangements by Maestro Salgán, a material of immense musical and historical value never before available in any format.  The book will be presented officially in the first half of 2009.

The final celebration, the presentation of the CD and the culmination of the “Year of Salgán” took place December 11th (the Day of Tango) in the Auditorium of the National Library.  That afternoon was a true “Salgán” party.  First, in the Plaza del Lector, the Director of the Library Mr. Horacio González dedicated a bust of Horacio Salgán made by the artist Coca Ocampo.  Then, Linetsky played the Maestro’s works for solo piano and finally the orchestra played the marvelous orchestral repertory by Don Horacio.  Clearly moved, Horacio took the stage to greet the public and thank TangoVia, the National Library, and everyone who had made possible this homage and recognition of his work.

A fruitful year:  Concerts in Buenos Aires, Paris and Rome.  A CD with unknown compositions, never-recorded arrangements and historical recordings of extraordinary historical value. A book of original arrangements, published as photographic copies of the original hand-written scores. Hours of exclusive video interviews with the Maestro talking about music and playing the piano in the intimacy of his home.

The “Year of Salgán” was important project valuing this marvelous artist, and was in Salgán’s own words:  “A true celebration.”


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