To share the knowledge and materials that we have accumulated over the years is one of our fundamental objectives, so that the experience of the few can be shared with many others now and in the future, locally and internationally. For this reason, we plan to publish our experiences during these first ten years of the Emilio Balcarce Tango Orchestra School, the didactic concerts and Master Classes with great maestros and musicians of the genre. We also offer many of the scores and arrangements from our archive of hundreds of originals for "typical orchestra" and solo bandoneon, which we have recovered during the years. Little by little, our collected experience will be published and made available to a public who, because of distance or lack of information, do not have the opportunity to participate in our activities or to access our archives personally. These first publications are only the tip of the iceberg. This is a project which makes us proud and will allow us to share with other musicians, students, and the general public all the work we have so far completed.

» The movie ¨Si sos Brujo¨
» Publications
» Arrangements for Tango Orchestra: Tradition and innovation in original manuscripts. Horacio Salgán
» The Year of Salgán