From the moment they called me to record this CD, I had the feeling that I would really enjoy it, intimately, just me and this incredible instrument.
Sixty years I’ve been embracing it and it still surprises me! With it I have been able to express different genres, share the stage with extraordinary artists, feel unexpected sensations, feel moved, find my refuge… It whispers in my ear, breathes with me, applauds me, makes demands on me.  It is my memory, my infancy, my mother, my maturity.
Always amazing what the heart sends!  The emotion surprises me!

In this album there are compositions by composers I have always admired, and other compositions my own. Each one I played moved intensely a part of my being.
In my modest homage to Troilo, to hear “Pichuco’s” own voice calling me “Cachorro” (“Puppy”) as he used to call me, transported me to another world, a world of souls, it shook me.
To play “Invierno porteño” (“Buenos Aires Winter”) on the bandoneon which Astor gave me, is another profound and unforgettable moment of this recording.
My feelings gushed, uncontrollable, subtle, intense, in “Cafetin de Bs. As,” “Nunca Tuvo Novio”, “Desde el alma”, “Nada”, “Mi refugio.”
My provincial roots accompanied me in “Chacarena de un triste” and “Zamba de la candelaria”.
To evoke the moments in which I composed the works that complete this production, was to revive emotions which had been safeguarded in some special place of the heart.
I have always found refuge in music, which for many years was my eternal girlfriend, until one day I reconnected with the woman who today is my wife and companion, and from then on, we live the music together!

Walter Rios, August 2008.

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